" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Tequila Viva Mexico


A little while ago, three months or so it was time to show this town how to have a great time with Tequila. I and two friends run Copenhagen Cocktail Club. We have now organised a bunch of cocktail competitions, and next on the menu was Tequila. We got the honor to work with Claes Puebla Smith who is the main nordic importer of Tequila. We started off the day with a masterclass about tequila, how it is grown, where it comes from, mexican pride and mexico in general. A few hours later glasses was raised and the tasting session was, as it always is like drinking tequila with the boys ;)

On the menu that night was the full range of:

Viva Mexcio (NOM 1414, Arandas, Blanco (100% & Regular), Reposado (100% & Regular), Añejo)

Arette (NOM 1109, Tequila, Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Suave Blanco, Gran Classe & Unique)

When everybody had a few it was time for the highlight of that day, Sangrita competition, and what a competition it was! Creativity was pushed to the very limits, home-made chocolate chips served with a spicy guacamole on top, tomato & chili marengs served with a lime cream and oven baked spiced up tomato chips, brilliant!

The task of the competition was nothing else than to match the sangrita with either of Viva Mexico’s Tequila. The mach made by Mayahuel was something very simple and classic. Here is your recipe:

Sangrita del Perth

200ml Looza tomato juice
100ml fresh pink grapefruit juice
30ml fresh lime juice
20ml fresh mandarin juice
10ml grenadine
10 dashes Cholula Hotsauce
10 grinds black pepper
A pinch of sea salt
1/3 of a stick of celery
6-7cm of cucumber
small bunch of coriander
let it infuse and chill in the fridge for 2 hours
strain it and pour into your favourite vessel

Created by: Lorry “Perth” Crawford

Watch the video and have a good night! Salud


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