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El Tesoro brand sold to ” Sauza “

Buanas noches cabrones!

Three days ago a rumor started about the Tequila brand El Tesoro de Don Felipe, made by the Camarena family, got sold to Beam Global Spirits & Wine, also owner of Sauza Tequila. The result of this is that Carlos Camarena, the legendary maker of El Tesoro de Don Felipe, will no longer be involved with the creation of the tequila, and production will be moved to the Sauza distillery, La Perseverancia in the town of Tequila, Jalisco. Sauza do not use hornos (stone ovens) or autoclaves (steam ovens) to cook their agave. Instead they use a machine called a defuser. What the defuser does with the agave is strictly business, nothing personal. It rips the agave apart until there is nothing left of it, then squeezes about 85% of the juices out from the poor little uncooked agave. As if that wasnt enough, its steams the agave, what is left of it anyway, to get it moist so you can repete the process to get another astonishing 13% juice out of the agave. Resulting somewhere around 97-99%. Cooks the juice to turn the starch into sugar, and bam, ready for distillation. Strictly Business. This process is completely unique in theTequila industry, and really gives the Tequila a distinctive taste. This will completely change the flavour profile for El Tesoro.

Then again, who listens to rumors? So i did a bit of research. As you all know in this business, there are very, very few reliable sources so take all this with a pinch of salt. The rumor is confirmed that El Tesoro are selling to Beam Global. But there is a little twist to the story. A source tells me that for a very long time it has been a joint venture between El Tesoro and Beam global. So why first go “official” now? When i first got to know El Tesoro it was in his mexican clothes, handblown bottle, paper label, cork, you know, way down to earth, and lately I’ve seen him around all fancy and square in his shiny clothes and platinum card. So in a way it makes sense. The guy I met is not on billboards around the US. My hermano is kicking it back on a ranch in Mexico.

Just a few thoughts. Stock Up Amigos!


2 responses

  1. koogleblitz

    worst case scenario …
    well written though blondie.

    October 9, 2010 at 01:09

  2. tehmaz

    Dammit, one more to avoid in the crowd of factories, what ever happened to good old fashioned handicraft.

    October 9, 2010 at 14:32

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