" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Tequila in a 8oz can

” La Gavilana is a colonial Hacienda situated in Ahualulco, Jalisco, a place known for its traditional Tequila brewing in Mexico. It was built in 1704 with the aim of producing and marketing a distilled form of Agave.
More than 300 years later the descendents of the original La Gavilana family decided to renew the traditional Tequila production at the Hacienda, but this time adding their modern touch through an innovative and avant-garde form of packaging which ensures security, practicality and helps to protect the environment. Inspired by the most traditional of Mexican artesian but combined with the progressive modernity of the 21st Century, a new Premium Tequila concept is born, unique in the world: Tequila 100% Agave and 100% exclusively packaged in an 8 ounce can. ”

The above text is quoted from La Gavilana’s webpage and quite simply describes the concept behind this product. When you read that little text, it can seem like a quite fair thing to do. We have seen it before with Pitu Cachaca, but it is still a chock to me. Pitu does not try to be something they are not, hence they put their product in a can.

Selling Tequila to private consumers which is hard enough already, is this really the right approach? I personally have a hard time seeing who they are trying to target. For the price of it (about $5US) it can easily be confused with pretty standard alcopops, but it is not. La Gavilana comes at 30% abv, lightly carbonated and suggested to be served chilled. It is a reposado aged for 6-8 months, double distilled and filtered.

I would love to try this product myself, but considering where i am situated, that will probably have to wait until i get to Mexico.

That is Tequila in a can for you! Salud!


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