" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Can i have the one that makes me smile?

A friday night late fall a couple of years ago I was behind the stick as usual in my little bar on the corner. There was a couple sitting in front of my station, they had been there for an hour or two, had a few cocktails and kept to themselves, as much as you can sitting at the bar.

I really like those nights that start quite slow, when you really have time to spend with your guests and tell a story or three. Anyway, a bit unexpected they asked a few questions about cocktails in general and what I prefered myself, which led us on to Tequila. I gave them a short introduction to Tequila, and poured a little Tequila flight for us to taste. If I remember correctly we were drinking Tapatio Blanco, Corralejo Reposado and 1800 Anejo that night. A bit of a trippy flight, but just to show just how versatile Tequila can be. They were not to keen to be honest, but I offered to make a Tommy’s Margarita with Tapatio Blanco, if they didn’t like it I would happily give up and make them what ever they desired.

There is something in the air when you take your lime squeezer and press that fresh lime juice in to your boston glass, the color is different, it’s almost clear and smells great. I put my best effort in to the making, and served it straight up in a coupette with little ice crystals floating on top. Just as I like to drink my Margarita.

After a sip or two I asked them what their thoughts were.

– It is not the best cocktail I have ever had. But it is the only one who made me smile, and she smiled.



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