" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Calle 23 Tequila, best new product!

When I first met Sophie Decobecq, it must have been late summer / fall 2006. I was working in Green & Red at the time, and I remember this petit little french girl who came in and knew a fabulous amount about Tequila. Sophie had three (I think) small bottles with her, Tequila made from three different yeasts strains if I remember correctly. She simply wanted us to taste and give our honest opinion. The product was pretty much finished by then, but im sure there was a lot of finishing touches. I did not see or hear much about Calle 23 until a year and a half or so later, and now Calle 23 is taking the UK with storm.

Last week was London Cocktail Week, a small part of that week was the Class Awards. Some say it is the most prestigious Bar related award show in the UK and many more agree. Calle 23 won best new product. Congratulations! This means a lot for Calle 23, but I think it means more for Tequila in general.

You see, Tequila is for me one of the very few Spirit industries that work as a whole. Obviously not everyone, but tequila companies work together. You can not promote your own company if the people do not like Tequila, so a lot of producers work together on this, and promote Tequila in general. So let the world know, agave juice is the only juice!

Viva Mexico!


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