" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

28.000 Liter Margarita Anyone?

Amigos y Amigas!

Lately I have read a lot about how big Tequila is growing and how fast it is going. I have been writing about it a little bit as well, but this time, damn, we are talking over 28.000 liters big! For nearly 10 years the record for worlds largest cocktail measured 26.645 liters, well that simply wasn’t neither big or Mexican enough for the people at Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas. At the day of their 30th anniversary they decided it was time to break that record. Well, getting a 28.000 liter margarita together in a day can seem like quite the task, but obviously the people at Ricardo’s had been planning ahead and was well prepared.

After a bit of research and fairly simple math they found a water tank measuring 4.5 meters tall and 3 meters in diameter. Next step was to make it pretty, so they covered the tank in a “Margarita-glass-like” canvas to make it look like just that, a Margarita. Wether they succeeded or not, well I leave that up to you to decide.

With the tank in order, all left to do was to gather ingredients. Easier said than done. How many people can get hold of 4.600 liter Tequila? Lucky for Ricardo’s Rosangel Tequila had just that amount of their hibiscus Tequila to spare. And funny enough, the color of the Margarita turned out to be light pink, which was indeed perfect though the proceeds from the event went to the Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer charity.

After the Margarita was mixed, it was properly measured by state of the art in-line water meter attached to the tank. After the last bottles was poured out by Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman and Congresswoman Sherly Berkly a stunning 28.871 liters of margarita had gone through the hose and Ricardo’s set the new Guinness World Record. That equals about 80.000 individual Margaritas. The bottles were frozen down and are now sold in Ricardo’s until stock finishes, so hurry up and get to Las Vegas!

God bless the Margarita!


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