" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

First Bottle Of Raicilla In Denmark?

Buenas Noches Compadres!

This has been a great week for a Tequila geek in snow land. The winter has hit Copenhagen very early this year, but it is in a good way, no rain and stormy weather, instead we have had snow falling for a week (short of one day) and it is beautiful outside. If it keeps on like this, I think I might be able to make it this winter. Mexican at heart I do keep longing for the sun though. Now to the good stuff. Last week I had two good friends coming back to Denmark from a few weeks in Mexico. While one of them was following the Tequila trail the other was enjoying the good company of friends and family. And I was soon to find out that it takes good local knowledge to get hold of good Raicilla. I did my research from here and came up with pretty much nothing, part from a long trip to the mountains, but I thought I was a bit much to ask from a friend visiting her family. Ana however found out pretty much the same and managed to get a friend of hers to visit a village called San Sebastian del Oeste, where he knew a producer. And the bottle made it back alive. Racilla Juan Dueñas is nothing like the one I drank from a plastic bottle with a skull and cross-bones on it. This is a good distillate full of flavour, very different to anything I have tried before. But Raicilla is definitely not for everyone, though it is more reminiscent of Mezcal than Tequila. But if you run in to a bottle definately give it a chance, and it does not get much more local than Raicilla. This fine produced bottle comes with and home printed label telling you nothing but what it is, which village it is from and the percentage of 36%abv.

The other good surprise was my good friend Perth who found his way back to Copenhagen, on his way to Japan funny enough. Beeing a big Tequila enthusiast, and a well-traveled ski bum, he had nothing but a bag of tequila with him. Unfortunately half of the good stuff did not make it, due to many factors, not having any clothes to wrap the tequila in being one of them, but six bottles or so did make it, and made for a few great nights of tasting. The ones that survived the rough trip to snow land was Clase Azul Blanco, El Ultimo Agave Reposado, Pratida Blanco, El Tequileño Gran Reserva Especial & El Tesoro de Don Felipe Reposado and of course a few bottles of Cholula hot sauce!

Gracias Amigos!


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