" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Hunting With Tequila Cazadores

Good Evening World!

I know this is not exactly news for most of you, but when I saw this the first time the idea of Tres Mariachis had not yet struck me. Steffin Oghene, former general manager at my favourite little bar Green & Red (unfortunately just closed the doors for good) is also the brand ambassador for Tequila Cazadores. He is a crazy African Scotsman with the hair to back it up. He has been doing a lot for Tequila around the UK, and one of his latest projects was the Cazadores Hunt. A really good concept of cocktail competition, taking us back to why we started tending bar in the first place, because it is so much fun! Mixing a healthy measure of tasting and laughing with a lot of creativity and friendship. This is what cocktail competitions is about, sharing crazy ideas and have some good ol’ fun. This might sound weird, but in my eyes competing is not about winning, is about pushing my own creativity and have fun with my friends. The only way we can raise the bar is together, not one by one.


Here you find a lot more of the Cazadores Hunt competitions!


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