" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

A small step for mankind, but a great step for Tequila!

As most of us know it was repeal day a couple of days ago (December 5th), and this means a great amount of alcohol intake in many corners of the world. The Danes were lucky enough to not to experience the alcohol prohibition, quite frankly I think the whole nation would have gone berserk, well that is what happened when the government tried to take their beer breaks away from work. What many people do not know is that America (1920-1933) was not the only country under prohibition around that time, so was Finland (1919–1932), Norway (1916–1927), Canada (1918-1927), Iceland (1915–1922) and the USSR (1914–1925) as well.

Last Sunday a big bunch of bartenders and enthusiasts in Copenhagen celebrated repeal day with a punch bowl competition in classic manner. The rules were very simple, make enough punch for everybody to taste, and then the crowd crowns the winner, and this is where is got interesting. The creativity was at top, and the entertainment behind the bar was great, the crowd was tipsy at first and the mood was high. Daniel Sebastian Mærsk and Malin Aminoff from Oak Room came behind the bar to present ´Puncho`, the Mexican take on a fairly classic punch. After a short introduction “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak” holding up two bottles of Tequila the crowd was cheering. That classic recipe quickly got modified to “five of strong and five of weak” and the ´pour of death (bottles in the ceiling)` was introduced and crowd could not have been more pleased. Clearly believing in the more Tequila, the more votes, the competition was on. Thanks to Daniel and Malin Tequila won again, which proves that what we believe in, is so far unbeatable!

can be served in a siphon, but i guess any bottle will do.

Puncho (recipe for a single serve)

(if not served in a bowl, make sure to dilute before you bottle)

25ml Viva Mexico Blanco

25ml Viva Mexico Reposado

30ml Fresh Orange Juice

17.5ml Fresh Lime

10ml Agave Sirup

10ml Maple Sirup

2 Dashes of The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

1/2 inch of a cinnamon stick


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