" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

The Day I Should Have Been Out Getting Margarita’d

It has been a little while since my last post now, but things have been hectic over here, good hectic. Battle of Scandinavia is over and done with. Such great two days, filled with everything from racing around town in rickshaws at -7 degrees to gather different ingredients, creative cocktail challenges, written test, blind tasting and last but not least, Cocktail the movie impersonations vs Jesus the mixologist. Jesus won.

Ever since Barman “Willie” concocted the first Margarita around 1934 for Marguerite Hemery in Mexico City (if you choose to believe that story) margaritas have been filling 57% of the worlds glass ware (this is an estimation based on absolutely nothing). Very impressive indeed. Today I am sure I feel as I deserve, but I got myself off the couch and down to the bar to get a single margarita. Margarita day is probably one of the lamest excuses to drink margaritas, but it works! (If you need another one, it is Don The Beachcombers birthday today as well) My choice of poison today was a Tommy’s style margarita, straight up with Arette Blanco, and as always, the magical concoction of good Tequila, lime and agave sirup puts a smile on my face.

Salud Amigos y Amigas, Viva Margaritas!


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