" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Tequileros En Dinamarca

Ooh, I just love those nights when not even a handful of guys get together for some serious Tequila tasting. My good friend Mads just got back from Mexico, and believe me he brought some treasures back with him. Just before he left I told him to stop by Tommy’s Restaurant in San Fransisco (stop over for a few days) and give the Chinaco Negro a taste, at a pretty decent dollar. Compared to the cost of the bottle. A few days later I get a text “You just cost me 1500 dkk bro”, I wasn’t very hard to figure that one out. Chinaco Negro is the most extraordinary bottle of extra anejo I have tried.

Back in Denmark me, Mads and Perth (who quite recently got back from Mexico with treasure) got together for some good food followed by a lot of Tequila. The point of this evening was not really to take tasting notes and go too deep into every Tequila. It was simply to crack a few very fine bottles open that we normally wouldn’t. The food was enjoyed with El Tequileno Blanco, 100%, which compliments seafood a slight spicy finish very well.

We started with opening an old bottle of Tapatio Blanco, the bottle is at least five years old, square shaped with the old white paper label. As far as I know, nothing has changed in the production since, but I am afraid to say that it is a very different Tequila. Might it be bottle aging causing this? We thought we would play it cool and go through the blancos to start with, which turned out to be about 90% of the bottles. Following up on the Tapatio with some beautifully packaged Clase Azul blanco, almost like candy in my mouth. The always delicate and crisp Partida Blanco leading us on to Casa Noble which was one of the first blancos I got reallt hooked on. And of course, finishing off this round with the grand daddy of blancos, Los Abuelos. It puts me in such a good mood having the opportunity to drink all of these exceptional Tequila in Denmark. When I drink Tequila there is really something special happening, I get filled with life. A similar feeling to having spent the whole day out doors in the sun, relaxed, happy and energetic. Conclusion, Tequila makes mankind go through the winter in a good mood.

Mads picked up a bottle called 99.000 hours from Corralejo and this was next on the table. I was personally not very impressed with the packaging, but when has that ever had anything to do with anything? 99.000 hours from the agave was planted until the sweet juices touches the bottle. Personally I do not think this is one of the better products from Corralejo, but for the price is costs in Mexico, I would leave it up to all of you to decide for yourselves. Centinella Reposado is always a safe bet, though I do not see it across the Atlantic very often. A very pleasant surprise. El Tequileno Gran Reserva was next up, and say what you want, but El Tequileno always delivers.

Chinaco negro was the menu for the finale, and trust me, when you open a bottle of the price range, it sounds different, and a quite mmmmming smile comes from Mads lips as he smells it. Read my lips when I say that this is an extra anejo worth spending your money on and it would be a shame to let this bottle just sit on your shelf.

Just because I could I also pulled out the most outstanding Mezcal I have tried, Piedre Almas Pechuga, crazy flavours of plums and apples mixed with a slight smokeyness that turns into the wildest agave flavours and a strong finnish of fresh tobacco. I am still a little in doubt if I can still taste it or not.

Sad but true this took place on the day Tommy Bermejo was laid to rest forever. Tommy I am truly sad I never got to meet you in person, though I am sure our paths will meet in spirit.

Salud Tommy!


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