" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

The First Sign Of Summer Is Here

Marie Laveau, Stockholm

It is fascinating how a cocktail with the right balance can take you back to memories you thought you’d forgotten. It takes you right back, you can feel the warmth, the smells and if you lose your eyes you can kind of see the surroundings. I had a similar feeling today when I saw a picture posted of one of my favourite summer cocktails of all time. Simply combine my two favourite drinks, Tequila and beer, add a big squeeze of lime and a dash of agave sirup and there you have it, a Lagerita. It is so simple and applies to the Mojito and Caipirinha crowd, but, you can serve it and be proud of both the drink and your customer, because it is Tequila and beer in the same glass! And if balanced right, the Lagerita along with Batanga, might just be the most refreshing cocktail, ever. Now make yourself a favour and practice to make this drink in your sleep, after a few you will wake up very happy. Also it is a very fast cocktail to make, and suits almost any customer with decent taste buds.

Saludo El Sol!


2/3 of a lime

15ml Agave Sirup

50ml Viva Mexico Blanco

Swizzle with crushed ice

Top up with Mexican Lager


2 responses

  1. Merlin Jerebine

    Well Blondie would you believe I was drinking Largaritas last night, We went through and tried them with Mezcal, found some very delicious combinations of Mezcal and Boutique Australian beers.

    April 6, 2011 at 02:14

    • I guess that is how we stay connected theese days brother.. Agave running threw the veins.. ;) Salud bro!

      April 6, 2011 at 12:22

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