" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Tequileros En Dinamarca #2

The sun has just blessed beautiful Copenhagen with its pressens, so I took a well deserved holiday, to enjoy some of it, but also get a lot of things done. I just finnish moving houses, planting fresh herbs and i got to spend some quality time with friends and family. But that does definitely not mean I haven’t had time to drink Tequila. As a matter of fact we are a small group of enthusiasts meeting up ones a month do some serious tasting. Last time I think we went a bit overkill with the amount of tequila we tasted, so we decided to only go for one bottle each this time, so we could spend the proper time with each bottle, as they deserve. Having said that, my three comrades showed up with two bottles each, and having a wall of 60 something Tequilas at home did not help limit the amount of bottles that was opened that night. We finally decided that exceptional Tequila shall be drunk, not saved. What is the point to buy a bottle if I can never taste it? Sure there might only be 200 bottles of something left in the world. But if I never drink it, I will never know if it was worth buying. We chased down one of the last bottles of Casa Noble Gold, A joven Tequila only aged for 6 weeks. Fortunately for this Tequila, the tequilero was not satisfied with the result and stacked it in a cellar. A few years later it was forgotten, and later found again. And here is the interesting part, I have an idea that Tequila bottle ages. I have tried many new and old bottles against each other, and even though the master distiller claims that nothing has changed in the process of making, it is two completely different Tequilas. I would be too easy to say that it is due to different agaves and the weather conditions have changed and so on, which is all natural. But the difference would not be that big, there is something else that happens in the bottle. Magic.

In my honest opinion, this might be one of the best Tequila I have ever tried. It is so complete. Not that I know what gold would feel like in my mouth if I drank it, but I would love for it to taste like Casa Noble Gold. We also opened a Sauza from the late 1800s that I found on eBay a few years back. Sadly most of the alcohol was vaporised, but we drank it anyways. Very full bodied agave water, not the most pleasant experience, but definitely an experience. After the Casa Noble we worked our way through quite a few bottles, Partida & Tierra Azteca Blanco, Ultimo Agave & Tapatio Reposado (old label), Los Abuelos & Gran Sol Anejo and finished off with Chinaco Negro, just because we can. Conclusion of this though, Los Abuelos stands up to bottles 5 time the price. Not that the price is an indication of quality, but respect!


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