" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Cinco De mayo

Fifth of May or as we more commonly know it, Cinco de Mayo, is when Tequila heads around the world goes nuts. Bring out your best sombrero and all the other tacky mexican decorations we get in Europe and last but not least, a shit load of Tequila, the more the better. In Copenhagen this day has for the last few years been celebrated quite hard in the bar community. Most people don’t really know why, but it is a reason as good as any for getting hammered on Tequila. This year though, I could not be a part of the tradition in Copenhagen, but even better I got to spend it with some of my close friends in London. I knew that ment trouble from the moment we planned this trip. Not only was it Cinco de Mayo, but also holiday, you know what that means. Go all out!

I started that day with a bit of Tequila shopping, thought i would take advantage of the situation. No time to spill so we had the first Tequila at 2pm at Hawksmoor Seven Dials. A glass of Altos Reposado and a few beers later we went across the road to Cafe Pacifico where Matthias Lataille prepared for us to blind taste nine different Tequilas. Four blanco’s and five reposado’s. We were instructed to taste them one by one and write down the first three things that came to mind, and try to be as specific as possible. When we had tried all of them, we played a guessing game, what is highland and what is lowland, given general guide lines of highlands being more fruity and lowland being more earthy. Looking at what we wrote down, this made everything more confusing. And this whole exercise was much harder than is sounds, but much fun. I learnt some great things about my palate, mainly that after 2 days of hard-drinking, I shouldn’t trust it.

After a great session we hit the bar for some guacamole and beers and decided to hit La Perla for pitchers of margarita followed but great food at Wahaca in Soho. Plates of food kept coming and so did the Tequila, but there was something missing, a bottle of Del Maguey Mezcal for dessert and the party was on. We ended the night at El Camion, Dick Bradsels new Tequila joint. After a few drinks and some shady dance moves, I remember thinking, this is it, no more, so I bought a bottle of Altos Blanco, everything after that is blank.

So why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo again? Well long story short, in 1861 Mexico stopped paying interest on loans the Mexican government had accepted from a bunch of European countries, they obviously got pissed off, and said, but why? And went across the Atlantic to claim their money back. The easiest way to claim money back is to threaten the poor Mexican with the biggest weapons available. But on the 5th of May 1862 the Mexicans stood up to the French troops and pushed them out of Puebla, and it was all good. Well, not really the troops joined forces and went to Mexico City instead and occupied the presidents throne, and just like that the emperor of Mexico was french. Until 1867 when Benito Juarez, the president of Mexico at the time, got tired of the french emperor, killed him and sent all the french home, so there you go, the story of Cinco de Mayo in my very own words.



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