" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

It’s All About The Worm

Speaking of the backside to commercialisation of Mezcal, I guess in a way here is another one. When Sammy Hagar back in the day launched Cabo Wabo Tequila, it was for the right reason. To show people that Tequila does not need to one with a side of lime and salt. Cabo Wabo definitely changed a lot the way Americans drink Tequila today and is to my standards a very enjoyable Tequila. However, the drinks industry is a lot like ladies in a way, always comes with an ugly friend. This time that friend is Toby Keith who tells us about his love affair with Mezcal.

“I remember going across the border when I first started playing around Brownsville [Texas] and Las Cruces [New Mexico],” Toby tells The Boot. “When I crossed into those border towns of Laredo and Juarez, and walked into that first cantina, it was just fascinating to me. You remember in the movie ‘Urban Cowboy,’ when Scott Glenn’s character turned that bottle up and put his tongue in it and let the worm fall down and then got the worm out of there?” Toby continues. “That was very authentic Texas border stuff that went on. Outside of the border states you wouldn’t have seen much mezcal.”

The story goes on and Toby explains that he got inspired by his good friend Sammy Hagar, and now wants to do for Mezcal whay Sammy did for Tequila. The downside here is, if you do not know the background and tradition to where your product comes from, it is very easy to do it wrong. For starters, ask any Mezcal producer about the worm, and they will deny that it has anything to do with the real deal. Simply a marketing scam to try to sell the stuff Mexicans wont drink. So lime and salt becomes a worm. This time though, I think enthusiast around the world are one step ahead. We are already teaching people how to enjoy Mezcal the right way, and hopefully they wont have it when the one with the worm hits the bars. But bad things tend to happen very quickly and good things builds up slowly. Put your foot down and do not accept the one with the worm, no matter what Toby Keith sings or says about it.

Para todo mal, Mezcal y para todo bien tambien. Salud!


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