" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Agave For The Win!

Weeehoo!! Last monday we (Copenhagen Cocktail Club) organised a new competition in Copenhagen. We though that after a long and hard beginning of this year, full of competitions, bar shows and other fun, it was time to get serious again. The task we gave the bartenders this time was to pair up with a chef and together create a cold starter and a cocktail to go with it. The only rule: No citrus fruits! We held the competition in a wholesale warehouse called inco, also known to some as the “Castle of Ingredients”. The idea was to pair a dish with a cocktail, and the teams knew they were not judged individually. The 10 teams were given a budget of 500dkk to gather ingredients to create 25 sample sized dishes and cocktails so that the other competitors could have a taste of what their opponents were up to. To prepare all of the above (come up with a dish/cocktail, gather ingredients and produce samples) they were given 70 minutes, some used the wisely and some did not, however everyone finished on time. After sampling everything we did a hat draw of who were to go first in front of the judges, who were no others than the three winners of Battle of Scandinavia, Andreas, Terkel and Nick together with inco’s head chef and the owner of LeLe, a Vietnamese restaurant who currently working with cocktail and food pairing.

The five judges did not have an easy time deciding on the winner, the level of professionalism was very high and keeping in mind not to judge any starter or cocktail individually it only made the whole thing harder. However after a few beers outside in the sun we could see the judges walking over to the local bar. After a lot of the hardest competition we ever judged, everybody is a winner bla bla bla, it all planned out as I wished for, Agave for the win! Respect to Sune Urth from Ruby Cocktail bar and his brother Asbjørn Urth!


Sprinkle a scallop with salt and let it sit for five minutes. Thinly cut the asparagus and sprinkled with blanco Tequila. Whip smoked cheese fluffy with tequila, agave sirup and salt. Chop radishes, scallions and cabbage in decorative pieces and serve everything on a small plate. Garnish with white currant.


20ml Blanco Tequila

40ml Freshly made white currant puree

1barspoon Agave Sirup

Shake all ingredients together and strain in to a champagne flute, no need for fine straining though the fruit adds texture to the drink. Top with your best sparkling wine and garnish with a sprig of white currants.



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