" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Tequila Tromba Literally Took Copenhagen With Storm

Wow, what a weekend this was. On friday I had my first shift at this new place I am working, Salon 39, a small local cocktail bar also serving simple well made food. Of course my first shift gets very busy, but that is all good, I learn much better that way. But the saturday is where it gets interesting, I get a call from Rodrigo Cedano Ortiz, a guy I met I Mexico last time I was there. I contacted Penca Azul for a tour of the distillery, and somehow I got in contact with Rodrigo who knew a guy who knew a guy, and he ended up doing the tour. Unfortunately there was no production at the time, and the distillery seemed very deserted, but I was ensured that it would be up and running as usual when the time was right to produce more Penca Azul. However we went on to a very old distillery, La Providencia, who used to make Tequila Marijuana. But that was many years ago, mid 50’s is a very wild guess. It looked like one day the workers decided not to come, and no one went back since. Beautiful english stills in there, probably not working as for now, but it didn’t look like the place needed too much restoration to be up and running again. bottling plant and everything was still there. Back to saturday and my phone call with Rodrigo. Due to a Danish girlfriend they were here on holiday, he told me he was to stop by later in the evening and that he had a present for me. A couple of hours later Copenhagen got hit by the wildest rain I have ever experienced, worse than in Mexico! The result of this was devastating for bars and restaurants around the city, seeing ice machines coming floating by, fridges, food, bottles, computers floating around in basements, floor covered with 50-100cm water, everything was wet and damaged. Roofs over restaurants fell in, hotels got flooded rooms and suits. Some bars will be closed for a week, some three and some wont be able to open again. How does this relate to Rodrigo? When he finally made in to Salon 39, we had a meter and a half of water in the basement, no electricity, but the mood was still quite high. He had brought me a bottle of his own produce, Tequila Tromba. When I read the back label, it could not have been more spot on. ” Originating in the highlands of Mexico, “la Tromba”, meaning “Big Rain” is the seasonal rains that waters the agave fields, giving life to Tequila. ” So let us hope this “Big Rain” will bring new life to the bar scene of Copenhagen!

Salud La Tromba!


2 responses

  1. Roy

    hahahahah fucking love it mate!! thanks a lot for such a wonderful evening there!

    July 7, 2011 at 17:40

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