" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Cada Nota… Es Una Gota

Pretty much the last two months I’ve spent waiting for the Danish summer to hit me, fill me with those two, two and a half months of sun it takes for me to be able to make the long cold winter. I just realised that was time spilt and not well spent. So I have now given up and will slowly get back to work, but if the sun comes out, I will be out there in the half-cold catching every little glimpse of it. Copenhagen has a tendency over to summer be in a weird standby mode, everyone is on holiday and due to the massive flood there are many bars that still hasn’t been able to open. Tres Mariachis will start functioning again after a “summer” full of research and a lot of sampling. Here is the hottest news from Arenal.

Personally I was probably a little too young when the man made his name heard around the globe for the first time, even the second time around, coming to think of it, he actually never crossed my path until now. Life is funny in that way some times. Who would have thought that me and Mr Santana would sit in the same chair, in the same Tequila distillery only about a year apart, sipping the sweet juices of Casa Noble Tequila. It is not an amazing story, I know, but it made me smile when I thought of it. The reason why I bring Santana up here is because of quite recently Santana became a part of Casa Noble Tequila, which is big news. You might even hear those ol’ guitar strings singing sweet love songs to Tequila soon. I will let Mr Santana take it from here. Until next time, Salud!



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