" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

It’s been a long time..


It has again been a long time ago since I wrote something on my own blog. Been feeling a lot like that lately, I do so much for others and completely forget to have some own time, gather my thoughts in to something productive. We all have our ups and downs though, nothing strange. Something that is a bit strange though, is that I don’t really drink a lot of Tequila lately. For some reason it doesn’t seem to appeal to me the way it did a few years ago.
A few years ago I also just got back from Mexico, and I can really feel that I am lacking inspiration. It is hard to keep up to date with a ever-changing tequila industry from such a distance. All I see lately I pretty girls wearing next to nothing, representing yet another Tequila brand. How am I supposed to take that seriously? Or the story of a mythical donkey shining up in the mountain miles away, potentially carrying the best Tequila in the world, IN THE WORLD. I thought that taste was something personal and that it is quit big-headed to claim anything to be the best in the world. Somehow it feels easier to believe that though, than Barbie charmingly pouring tasters for a group of horny men.
On top of that Tequila keep changing distilleries, change owners and differ dramatically in taste from batch to batch. How am I supposed to believe anything that is happening in this industry now? When I can’t go there and see for myself? Can producers/owners not see that this is only confusing a huge market of potential new Tequila lovers? One week this Tequila is great, next week it is shit, third week different owner, fourth week a different distillery and back to being premium quality? Excuse my french, but WTF! is going on? It seems to be only about money, owners of a brand that one day are the proudest Mexicans in the world, next day change face and say something completely different. You are selling your national heritage to huge American companies, who will turn it into a 10 year goldmine and then what? Then its the salt and lemon all over again and the struggle continues.
Last time this happened, the producers were serious and could not understand why people would drink very well produced Tequila with salt and lemon, quality went up and people slowly learnt. But then what happened? Producers saw an opportunity to make a quick buck by lowering quality a bit and selling on the name they made for themselves, and after a while aficionados had enough. Come on who can honestly say that Don Julio is a great Tequila now days? even just a couple of years ago the juice was amazing! now it almost screaming for salt and lemon.
Of course there are much worse examples, but no need to drop them all. This is after all my opinion. It all just seems like such a mess right now I’m not sure where to turn. I still have a few brands I can trust, but for how long? When is enough not enough? I can’t come as a chock to you that when massive corporations get involved it is all about maximizing profit, they don’t care about the production as long as people buy it, and people will buy if the marketing is done correctly. Simple as.
Luckily for me I have amazing Mezcal around me at the moment, but I just keep thinking if I should start getting worried when I drink Mezcal, or suggest it to my guests, that if I drink too much it will get too popular and I won’t be able to get the good stuff any more? I think we shall all together stop supporting the commercial brands and do our best to get the real deal! It is the only fair thing for guest in our bars, friends and family. It is not very hard to demand better quality from our distributors, many a times they just need a kick in the butt and a bit of help.

Now I will pour myself some Los Abuelos Blanco, Lot 3. Because I can. Salud!


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