" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "


Agave For The Win!

Weeehoo!! Last monday we (Copenhagen Cocktail Club) organised a new competition in Copenhagen. We though that after a long and hard beginning of this year, full of competitions, bar shows and other fun, it was time to get serious again. The task we gave the bartenders this time was to pair up with a chef and together create a cold starter and a cocktail to go with it. The only rule: No citrus fruits! We held the competition in a wholesale warehouse called inco, also known to some as the “Castle of Ingredients”. The idea was to pair a dish with a cocktail, and the teams knew they were not judged individually. The 10 teams were given a budget of 500dkk to gather ingredients to create 25 sample sized dishes and cocktails so that the other competitors could have a taste of what their opponents were up to. To prepare all of the above (come up with a dish/cocktail, gather ingredients and produce samples) they were given 70 minutes, some used the wisely and some did not, however everyone finished on time. After sampling everything we did a hat draw of who were to go first in front of the judges, who were no others than the three winners of Battle of Scandinavia, Andreas, Terkel and Nick together with inco’s head chef and the owner of LeLe, a Vietnamese restaurant who currently working with cocktail and food pairing.

The five judges did not have an easy time deciding on the winner, the level of professionalism was very high and keeping in mind not to judge any starter or cocktail individually it only made the whole thing harder. However after a few beers outside in the sun we could see the judges walking over to the local bar. After a lot of the hardest competition we ever judged, everybody is a winner bla bla bla, it all planned out as I wished for, Agave for the win! Respect to Sune Urth from Ruby Cocktail bar and his brother Asbjørn Urth!


Sprinkle a scallop with salt and let it sit for five minutes. Thinly cut the asparagus and sprinkled with blanco Tequila. Whip smoked cheese fluffy with tequila, agave sirup and salt. Chop radishes, scallions and cabbage in decorative pieces and serve everything on a small plate. Garnish with white currant.


20ml Blanco Tequila

40ml Freshly made white currant puree

1barspoon Agave Sirup

Shake all ingredients together and strain in to a champagne flute, no need for fine straining though the fruit adds texture to the drink. Top with your best sparkling wine and garnish with a sprig of white currants.



Mexican Magic Saves The World

It has been a long time since my last post, sorry about that, but this year started in high-speed. I have been busy with Copenhagen Cocktail Club and out latest project, Battle Of Scandinavia ( http://facebook.com/battleofscandinavia ). A competition for bartenders that are serious about their trade and are in the game to learn and get better. Let the best team win. No rest for the wicked some say, and after a long christmas and new years filled with agave in all it’s forms I can finally sit dow and take a couple of hours to write about something I have been looking at for a while. Agave as bio fuel. The more I read about this the more I learn, duh. But as with a lot of things some times it gets too much, and too much information is not always interesting. So I will keep this as long or short as I find interesting, if you would like to know more about it, I will happily point you in the right direction.

Agave can greatly contribute to the solution of mankind’s worst problems: global warming, overpopulation, hunger, poverty, lack and dependence of oil, stagnation of the economy. Enhanced Agave Tequilana Weber Cultivar, developed by Professor Remigio Madrigal Lugo at the University of Chapingo, is the ideal feedstock for a truly sustainable Bioeconomy. On an annual basis agave takes 6-10 years to harvest, it produces 3X more sugars than sugarcane (up to 42° Brix); 8X more cellulose (52 tonnes/hectare/year) than the fastest‐growing Eucalyptus and 4X more dry biomass (80 tonnes/hectare/year) than the GMO poplar tree designed in the USA for cellulosic ethanol production, hence fixing 4X more CO2. No other plant in the world has such potential!

“This is a scientific fact-they don’t require watering or fertilizing and they can absorb carbon dioxide during the night. The plants annually produce up to 500 metric tons (green) of biomass per hectare”, says agave expert Arturo Valez Jimenez.

But it is not only the Mexicans who find this very useful, due to the toughness of the agave plant it can grow pretty much anywhere it is warm enough. South Australian company Ausagave has for the past four years been working towards growing the robust plant for ethanol production in this country. ” More than 10,000 agave plants are sitting in pots and will be the subject of pilot plantings on the Atherton Tablelands and Burdekin region of Northern Queensland this year “, says Don Chambers from Ausagave.

Chambers points out that agave has a sugar content of 27 to 38 percent, compared to sugar cane’s content of 10 to 14 percent. Cane produces about 6000 l/ha/a from the sugar, while certain selections of agave in Mexico have produced up to 18,000 litres per hectare. “These figures far outshine the plants that are dominating ethanol and biofuels research, development and investment today – not only in terms of potential ethanol yield per hectare but also in terms of energy balance – the ratio of energy in the product to the energy input to produce it.”

There you go, once again Tequila will save the world. Salud!

A small step for mankind, but a great step for Tequila!

As most of us know it was repeal day a couple of days ago (December 5th), and this means a great amount of alcohol intake in many corners of the world. The Danes were lucky enough to not to experience the alcohol prohibition, quite frankly I think the whole nation would have gone berserk, well that is what happened when the government tried to take their beer breaks away from work. What many people do not know is that America (1920-1933) was not the only country under prohibition around that time, so was Finland (1919–1932), Norway (1916–1927), Canada (1918-1927), Iceland (1915–1922) and the USSR (1914–1925) as well.

Last Sunday a big bunch of bartenders and enthusiasts in Copenhagen celebrated repeal day with a punch bowl competition in classic manner. The rules were very simple, make enough punch for everybody to taste, and then the crowd crowns the winner, and this is where is got interesting. The creativity was at top, and the entertainment behind the bar was great, the crowd was tipsy at first and the mood was high. Daniel Sebastian Mærsk and Malin Aminoff from Oak Room came behind the bar to present ´Puncho`, the Mexican take on a fairly classic punch. After a short introduction “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak” holding up two bottles of Tequila the crowd was cheering. That classic recipe quickly got modified to “five of strong and five of weak” and the ´pour of death (bottles in the ceiling)` was introduced and crowd could not have been more pleased. Clearly believing in the more Tequila, the more votes, the competition was on. Thanks to Daniel and Malin Tequila won again, which proves that what we believe in, is so far unbeatable!

can be served in a siphon, but i guess any bottle will do.

Puncho (recipe for a single serve)

(if not served in a bowl, make sure to dilute before you bottle)

25ml Viva Mexico Blanco

25ml Viva Mexico Reposado

30ml Fresh Orange Juice

17.5ml Fresh Lime

10ml Agave Sirup

10ml Maple Sirup

2 Dashes of The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

1/2 inch of a cinnamon stick

Hunting With Tequila Cazadores

Good Evening World!

I know this is not exactly news for most of you, but when I saw this the first time the idea of Tres Mariachis had not yet struck me. Steffin Oghene, former general manager at my favourite little bar Green & Red (unfortunately just closed the doors for good) is also the brand ambassador for Tequila Cazadores. He is a crazy African Scotsman with the hair to back it up. He has been doing a lot for Tequila around the UK, and one of his latest projects was the Cazadores Hunt. A really good concept of cocktail competition, taking us back to why we started tending bar in the first place, because it is so much fun! Mixing a healthy measure of tasting and laughing with a lot of creativity and friendship. This is what cocktail competitions is about, sharing crazy ideas and have some good ol’ fun. This might sound weird, but in my eyes competing is not about winning, is about pushing my own creativity and have fun with my friends. The only way we can raise the bar is together, not one by one.


Here you find a lot more of the Cazadores Hunt competitions!

Win a Viva Mexico Calendar!

Amigos y Amigas!

I (read Copenhagen Cocktail Club) have recently produced a very spectacular Tequila calendar, filled with naked men and women covering themselves up with bottles of Viva Mexico Tequila. A real pleasure for the eye, with december around the corner, which everybody knows is the month any true calendar starts its year. So i thought to spread the joy with one of these limited goodies from Denmark.

Have a look and see if you have a picture lying around which really reminds you of good times with Tequila, and in al honesty, my favourite picture wins. Send your picture to blondie@tresmariachis.dk before 30th of November. Looking forward to seeing all the love out there.


Win a bottle of Olmeca Altos Blanco signed by Master Distiller Jesus Hernandez

Just got off the phone with Matthias Lataille, and he told me about a Tequila competition he is arranging for Tahona Society. Though the winter in Mexico aint all that bad, a lot of other places in the world got it much worse. So get inside, hide from the cold and come up with a winter cocktail!

The only rules are:

The cocktail has to be with Olmeca, Olmeca Altos or Tezon (blanco, reposado or Añejo).

You have to push your creativity.

You have to send your recipe in before mid December!

Go to http://www.facebook.com/TahonaSociety and you will find the info under discussions.

Good Luck Compadres!

Tequila Viva Mexico


A little while ago, three months or so it was time to show this town how to have a great time with Tequila. I and two friends run Copenhagen Cocktail Club. We have now organised a bunch of cocktail competitions, and next on the menu was Tequila. We got the honor to work with Claes Puebla Smith who is the main nordic importer of Tequila. We started off the day with a masterclass about tequila, how it is grown, where it comes from, mexican pride and mexico in general. A few hours later glasses was raised and the tasting session was, as it always is like drinking tequila with the boys ;)

On the menu that night was the full range of:

Viva Mexcio (NOM 1414, Arandas, Blanco (100% & Regular), Reposado (100% & Regular), Añejo)

Arette (NOM 1109, Tequila, Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Suave Blanco, Gran Classe & Unique)

When everybody had a few it was time for the highlight of that day, Sangrita competition, and what a competition it was! Creativity was pushed to the very limits, home-made chocolate chips served with a spicy guacamole on top, tomato & chili marengs served with a lime cream and oven baked spiced up tomato chips, brilliant!

The task of the competition was nothing else than to match the sangrita with either of Viva Mexico’s Tequila. The mach made by Mayahuel was something very simple and classic. Here is your recipe:

Sangrita del Perth

200ml Looza tomato juice
100ml fresh pink grapefruit juice
30ml fresh lime juice
20ml fresh mandarin juice
10ml grenadine
10 dashes Cholula Hotsauce
10 grinds black pepper
A pinch of sea salt
1/3 of a stick of celery
6-7cm of cucumber
small bunch of coriander
let it infuse and chill in the fridge for 2 hours
strain it and pour into your favourite vessel

Created by: Lorry “Perth” Crawford

Watch the video and have a good night! Salud