" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "


Always The Last Place You Look

Well my friends, I did some great shopping today. When I first really fell in love with Tequila I asked the lady behind the bar to give me something that would define the taste of agave for me. She choose Tapatio Reposado, whether that is a correct choice or not, I leave that up to you. Bottom point is that it’s a great Tequila, and I must say it did a hell of a job, because ever since I can’t have enough of good Tequila. The problem with Tapatio Reposado though, is that it has always been hard for me to get hold of. For a good while in the UK we could only get Blanco and Anejo, and the same in Denmark. I know one little bar in town that has a few bottles and they have always refused to sell one to me, even though I explained it was for collectors purpose (it was the old label) only, still no luck. Of course they didn’t know where they got it from, “old stock”. I got a bit tipsy down there ones and offered as much as £50 for the bottle. But no. Today however I was lucky. My baby has come home, and to a very fair price as well.

Salud Tapatio Amigos!