" Para Todo Mal, Mezcal y Para Todo Bien Tambien "

Top 10 2011

Repost Series #2

This time around I decided to repost a story of the agave plant, a great read to get in the mood for friday night! Enjoy amigos y amigas!


Repost Series #1

It has been a while now since I wrote a little something here, and I guess I could excuse myself, but I am not. It is for a really good cause. Right now I am building my first bar, a real dream come true moment, and it is still a bit hard to get a grip on that this is actually happening. The bar is called The Barking Dog, and will as the name might indicate not be an all about Tequila bar, but more of a traditional bar. Of course I will make sure to offer the best agave spirits in Denmark. As most people could imagine it is a lot of work building a bar, and I will not have time to keep this blog active for a few months. I will however do some repost’s so that new comers to the blog have a chance to catch up.

The first repost is one of my earliest, I got on the phone with Tomas Estes to get inspiration. For a long time I felt stuck professionally, and having a real good conversation with an expert on the subject always seems to clear things up a bit. Read: On the phone with Tomas Estes..