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Scandinavian Agave Project

IMG_7550Hola Hermanos y Hermanas!

If you happen to be in Copenhagen right now, you happen to be in a very good place for Mezcal! Since 2012 when we got the first mezcal in to the country it has gone pretty fast. Unfortunately not the same for this blog. But a lot has happened the last few years. As this blog has been decreasing in activity, Scandinavian Agave Project (link below) has found it’s roots in Copenhagen. Recently we (The Barking Dog) opened a liquor store & tasting room(Shoppen), in the same area as the bar. This has become the head quarters for Scandinavian Agave Project. It also offers the most interesting selection of mezcal in Denmark. The tasting room is being used to spread the love for agave spirits, but more important than that to let people now what is going on in the world of agave right now. It is a very fragile business and it is important that we (preachers of mezcal) know who we are supporting and what they stand for. There is no reason not to support producers that think about the future of agave, and do something about it. With such a great demand for artisanal mezcal it is even more important that we know what our producers are up to, how do they treat waste from production? Are they replanting agaves for the future? And are they getting paid what they are supposed? If you do not have the possibility of visiting the producers themselves, at least demand to get all the information from your local mezcal dealer. We still have the power in he mezcal world, but how long will it be before major companies bring out the big guns?

Viva Mezcal! Salud!

Info about Scandinavian Agave Project – Facebook


Just A Little Something

Buenos Tardes Amigos!

Last night I was going through some old video footage from when I was in Mexico and found that most of it was useless, first of all due to the poor quality and second of all, I did not film very interesting things, haha, the one thing I always bring but never use, my camera. So I thought I should put it to better use, and started fooling around with it a bit yesterday, the result is somewhat very average, and a bit pointless, but slightly more interesting to watch than a bunch of photos of my tequila selection. For the next minute and a half or so you get to enjoy a amature at work. Enjoy.

Moving on from this great presentation, I thought to also show how the professionals do it, maybe not in the making of video, but in the cooking of agaves. It is very easy to describe how to make a stone oven for cooking agave, in writing it sound like and simple and fairly romanticized ritual, but in reality it is very hard work getting the job with such simple tools and only manpower, well man, horse and donkey power. Here is a great video to show you how it is done, from the producers of the son to be available in Denmark, Real Minero. Salud!